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How can I collaborate as an influencer?

Are you an influencer and do you want to collaborate with cool brands? Then register as an influencer on Social Media Tools and work with companies based on compensation and/or products. You will receive regular email alerts about interesting and relevant campaigns that suit you. In addition, potential clients can view your media kit. All you have to do is sign up for free, link your social media accounts, complete your media kit and request approval. Even with only 500 followers or unique visitors, you can successfully use Social Media Tools.

How did influencer marketing come about?

In fact, the term “influencer” is relatively new, but if you think about it, there have always been people who influence others, such as opinion leaders and journalists. The rise of countless social media platforms has created new ways to reach and influence people. This has given rise to all kinds of individuals, from famous personalities to micro-influencers, who focus on specific niches.

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